• Shrek: came out 13 years ago
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: came out 11 years ago
  • Toy Story: Came out 19 years ago
  • Michael Jackson: Died 5 years ago
  • Avatar the Last Airbender: came out 9 years ago, and ended 6 years ago
  • Danny Phantom: First premiered 10 years ago
  • Pokemon: Ash Ketchum left the Kanto region 15 years ago
  • Harry Potter: Left Hogwarts 7 years ago
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Ok so earthbenders can metal bend, waterbenders can blood bend, and firebenders can lighting bend. What special thing can an airbender do?


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Suki by ~TeaInK

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Sokka once had a sexist attitude (The Water Tribe were traditional with gender roles because it was “the natural order of things”) but after being humbled by Suki and her fellow Kyoshi Warriors, he began to see women as equals and developed a newfound respect for them. 

A++++ Character Development

 OH MAN I CAN GO ON AND ON WITH THIS ONE    # but this is my favorite character arc    # the first five minutes of this show already mentioned the word ‘sexist’    # I knew it was going to be special    # and its a girl calling out her brother that he’s an idiot    # his sexism stems from ignorance    # and the viewers get to understand WHY he was sexist    # he grew up in a environment where the men were warriors    # but he never (and the series never showed) female water tribe warriors    # his father entrusted him to look after the tribe and his sister    # he doesn’t think men are better than women    #but rather he believed there are certain things women at good at (feminine activities like sewing and men are good at (masculine activities    # imagine katara had to go put up with this bullshit    # she calls him out but does he listen? no    # because he’s stubborn and people tend to not listen to their family members    # so he needed someone very special to smack that sexism out his system    # Suki made him a better person    # after being outmatched by this superior warrior    # he HUMBLES himself and took his humiliation an opportunity to learn from someone who is clearly more skilled    # and then he APOLOGIZES his behavior    # again Suki teaches him another lesson when he said ‘I treated you like a girl when I should have treated you like a warrior’

Yeah I mean I couldn’t agree more when it comes to this…that the WORD “SEXIST” APPEARS IN THIS SHOW AT ALL let alone in THE FIRST MINUTE of in-narrative dialogue is exceptional.

I firmly believe that Katara’s instant, prodigious mastery of Waterbending reaffirms this development, as does Sokka’s unerring friendship with the incomparable Toph Beifong.

Might as well finish my tags since Tumblr has a tag limit. 

Again, when Suki teaches him another lesson when he said “I treated you like a girl when I should have treated you like a warrior” she replies with “I am a warrior” but then she kisses him and says “but I’m a warrior too.” Which then gives Sokka’s development a full close because she taught him that girls can be warriors and warriors can be girls, both concepts can coincide with one another. With this, Suki is telling him that she should be treated with respect because she is as a person. After leaving Kyoshi Island, he never made a sexist remark again.

When he got to the North Pole, he recognized how wrong were the traditions of the Northern Water Tribe when they forced Yue to an arranged marriage. He is disgusted when Hahn wanted to marry Yue for the “perks” of dating royalty. He tries to stop Katara from fighting Pakku not because she’s a girl, but because he knows she’s up against a waterbending master. 

Although it isn’t shown in this gifset, he doesn’t question the fact that a blind girl was up against The Boulder (who was his idol) fighting in the Earth Rumble VI tournament as the champion. Sexist!Sokka would have been like “She’s a girl? what is she doing here fighting?” but no, he just cheered for his favorite earthbender. Later in their adulthood, he goes on acknowledging her with admiration how she single-handedly developed Metalbending. 

He then sees that women can be threats during “The Chase” as he says that they were a tank full of “dangerous ladies”. Again, not questioning their abilities to fight. My personal favorite bit is when he recommends the Kyoshi Warriors as the Earth King’s guards, so he went from There’s no way a bunch of girls took us down!” to “The Kyoshi Warriors are a skilled group of fighters.”  Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors really did have the most impact on Sokka’s development; if they didn’t teach him a lesson, Piandao wouldn’t have trained him. They taught him to be humble and again he uses the opportunity to learn from a real master. 

Later, when his relationship with Suki developed into romance he is so proud of her when she holds the warden as a hostage all by herself, because he didn’t think things through. That’s some girl, indeed. 

I’m so glad this comic exists and I encourage everyone to read it because you could see how much this character has grown (as if the series didn’t do that enough already) This comic takes place after the war.

Here you got Suki standing up for a girl against some sexist dudes, then they attempt to throw her out of the store. Sokka just casually warns them, because he knows she will beat them up (he knows from experience lol)

and then she uses chi-blocking! (thanks to Ty Lee)

Later, they catch up to the girl and she introduces Suki as a Kyoshi Warrior so proudly.

He encourages the girl to learn how to fight from Suki because he wants her to know how to defend herself in case some guys try to bother her again, when she declines he tells her to not give up.

"You’re a WOMAN! Let’s hear that ROAR!"

Then the girl asks if she could learn how to fight with her friends! which the couple happily agreed to do so. 

Here’s Sokka, happily joining a group of young girls learning how to fight from his girlfriend… yet again. 

tl;dr Sokka’s character development was perfect and one of the best in the show. 

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Fire is the element of power. The people of the Fire Nation have desire and will, and the energy and drive to achieve what they want.

Earth is the element of substance. The people of the Earth Kingdom are diverse and strong. They are persistent and enduring.

Air is the element of freedom. The Air Nomads detached themselves from worldly concerns, and they found peace and freedom. And they apparently had great senses of humor.

Water is the element of change. The people of the Water Tribes are capable of adapting to many things. They have a sense of community and love that holds them together through anything.

It is important to draw wisdom from different places. If you take it from only one place it become rigid and stale. Understanding others, the other elements, the other nations, will help you become whole. It is the combination of the four elements in one person that makes the Avatar so powerful. But it can make you more powerful too.

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"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."
-Winston Churchhill

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Behind the scenes of the photoshoot we did with rufiozuko in his Zuko cosplay. With asthebelltolls and t34m4dor4bloodth1rsty!

Wow. Dante Basco cosplaying as Zuko.

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