DC Bombshells by Ant Lucia

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Brett Weldele

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Batman et al

- illustrated by Tim Sale (via

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the women of dc // bruce timm [part one]

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Mother of Charmanders
Chose Your Poison
Blaster and Bender

All artwork is credited to barefists.  Each one can be purchased as a t-shirt. Go Support!

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Some Bat Ladies by Mindy Lee

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Batman Black & White has stories of varying quality, writing-wise and art-wise, but this one stole my heart. A little girl is kidnapped and Batman scours the city for her, but rather than Batman bursting in to save her she escapes on her own, manages to find Harley and Ivy, and convinces them to kick this asshole’s teeth in. Then they run off all “We’re superheroes now, you have to be nice to us!” and Batman is left with the cleanup.

[From Batman Black & White #3, 2013.]

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